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“Finally, SEO Master Reveals His Private,'Slap-Proof', Tactics for Staying On Top of Google & Creating a Massive Flow of Buyers Cash In Hand...
100% Guaranteed!”

Why? Because there are so many short-sighted gimmicks and fads out there. And they are setting people up for a harsh reality check. It's time for someone to reveal what TRUE SEO really is (and not charge an arm and a leg to do it!)

This is not about using the latest social networking site or a list of social bookmarks. This is unlike anything you have ever seen. I am fed up with all the junk. "Enough is enough!" In one sweet package you get everything I've ever learned about Search Engine Optimization. Inside, you will discover...

How search engines "think" because when you understand this, you know exactly what to give them to make them happy...
What easy tweaks and changes you can make to your web pages today so Google falls in with them tomorrow (and blasts your site up in the search engine results)
How to make your site totally IMMUNE to "Google Slaps". Even better, you will love the slaps because you'll move up as the fad sites get shoved out the door!
What are the true search engine ranking factors and exactly how to maximize them on your site for "Front-Page" treatment...
A complete "Master SEO Plan" that will position your site on top of Google, Yahoo and MSN for years to come. (Naturally, you get the traffic and sales that come with it too)
And much, much more!


Try The SEO Mindset For 8 Weeks Risk-Free

Here's your chance to significantly boost your search engine results for the keywords that mean sales for your site.

You get a complete "Brain Dump" from SEO expert and master Internet marketer, Brad Callen.

He reveals every step he takes to consistently land his websites on the front page of every major search engine,

You discover how to make just a few tweaks here and there to your website, and transform it into a delicious "Googlesnack" and turn it into a profit generating sales machine in no time.

You Get All Of This!

127 Pages of Knowledge

You literally get EVERYTHING I know about SEO. It took me years to learn and perfect this system and to develop the SEO Mindset.

And you get it all handed to you in an instant! You also get...

Checklists & Templates

You get the "Competitor SEO Checklist" to evaluate your competition quickly and easily.

And the "Title Tag" template will have you producing correct and response improving titles in minutes.

What Others Have To Say...

"I have used only a few of the valuable tactics you reveal in your SEO lessons and have increased into the first page on nearly all my 'singles' keywords"

- Jim Senhauser

"Thanks to your lessons I have #1 & #2 ranking in Google for 'denver seo'. A #2 & #3 ranking for 'colorado seo' and a #1 & 2 position for 'denver colorado seo'. I also have 4 top 10 positions in yahoo with these phrases. Prior to applying your techniques I was no where on the rankings."

- Jim Barrie

"After launching my website not much was happening. Now that I've been applying the techniques I'm learning from the SEO lessons, my website traffice has already doubled in the first month alone! I'm positive I'll be ranked in one of the top positions very soon!"

- Craig Anderson

"I've learned more about how the internet works from you than any other source on the internet!"

- Scott Schall

"I count the day I found Brad Callen as being one of the luckiest days in my career so far!"

- Sue Sharp

"You are giving people what really works!"

- Michele Miller

"I marvel at how generous you are with your knowledge... no one else comes close!"

- Ralph Hoffmann

"I'm glad that I found someone who cuts straight to the chase!"

- Victoria Kapetani

"This is the first time I feel like someone was coaching me behind my shoulder while reading your lessons."

- Alain Aubertin

"On average my site attracts about 100 visitors a day which is ten times the amount I was attracting before I started utilizing the techniques used in the lessons."

- Troy Degarnham

"I have followed your SEO Lessons step-by-step and in less than 6-weeks recieved a #1 ranking in MSN for my main keywords. I highly recommend for all webmasters to follow Brad Callen's advice to the T."

- Steven Resell

"I now hold the # 1 spot for the keyword phrase "unique gifts online" on the MSN search engine. I also am listed # 6 on Yahoo, AltaVista and All The Web for the same keyword phrase. I also rank # 12 on page 2 on MSN for the keyword phrase "unique gifts" out of 56,325,255 other competitors. Before applying Brad's techniques I was no where near the top 30 websites for this phrase."

- Edward Swift

"My website has really taken off for me. Since that time I have doubled my visitors per day. But the good news is from twice the number of visitors I have earned three times the income.

I work full time as a veterinarian so I don't work on my website that often, sometimes not for weeks. But Brad's newsletters help me focus on the essentials to move my webiste forward."

- Chris Suckow

"Using the lessons and several of the products that have been recommended I was able increase my web traffic by over 175% in the past 3 months = over $50 per day monitized. It has been a great resource."

- Doug Bertram

"All I can say is WOW. I have learned so much from Brad's Seo lessons that he has his very own folder in my email which I keep very on hand, as his information is that precious. It is almost as if he is a little secret in my pocket. I look forward to more great emails and lessons."

- Jen Reilley

"As a 40 something year old newbie web marketer, i would like just a moment to say how much i enjoy Brad's lessons.I have wasted bundles of cash on all the so called top gurus stuff only to be dissopointed with all the mumbo jumbo hard to believe tripe.It is so refreshing to actualy get down to the ground information and stuff that makes sense to a novice like myself."

- William Edwards

"All of our sites have seen continued increase in Search Engine placement. Our flagship site is in the top-20 listings of altavista, yahoo, and msn for many of our keywords, such as "hotel las vegas wynn" "bellagio sensi restaurant" and "rio de janeiro travel."

- Tom Schmidt

"Hi Brad, Your lessons are the only one i have in my mailbox. Why? Because they have helped me to increase my SEO info & no other SEO can compared with you. Thanks again!"

- Kent

Now look at that list and tell me there has EVER been anything on SEO as complete as the SEO Mindset?

Each chapter contains bits and pieces of the knowledge I have spent years discovering. I am sure that some of this information has never been seen before outside of my business.

Let me give you a few examples of the juiciest stuff

“Brad, Give Me a Hint... What Kind of Secrets Can I Expect To Find?”

Here is a little sample of a few of the SEO tactics I will reveal to you in the SEO Mindset:

Dear Fellow Marketer,

My name is Brad Callen. As an Internet marketer of the world's finest SEO, keyword research and other software for the past 6 years, I have learned a thing or 2 about search engine optimization.

And frankly, I'm worried.

I'm worried by what I see being sold as SEO today. Most of the techniques are fads and all fads follow a pattern.

Remember the Pet Rock?

The Pet Rock was invented by Gary Dahl in April 1975. It was all the rage. Gary sold more than a million of them in a few months. But guess what?

By Christmas 1975 it was all over... done... finished!

Gary did make a lot of money but then his next 4 attempts to duplicate the success of the Pet Rock failed miserably. He NEVER achieved that kind of success again.

And today, the Pet Rock is considered "incredibly useless and stupid".

Every Fad Has a Short Lifespan... And when It is Over, It is REALLY over.

That is the way fads are and the way they've always been.

The only difference between "Pet Rock" fads and SEO fads is that the search engines change their algorithms to end a fad.

And when they do... it is Google and Yahoo that consider your site "incredibly useless and stupid."

You've probably heard about "Google Slaps"? That is when Google changes the way it ranks sites to counteract fads and to improve results.

Internet marketers coined the term "Google Slap" because their sites got knocked off the front page. In some cases, they got banned completely.

Some people literally lost their business overnight!

Do not let something like this happen to you. It is crazy to build a business on a shaky foundation. I am not saying the fads do not work. I know some of them do.

What I am saying is quit taking short cuts and run your sites like real businesses. Think about this...

When you consider what the goal of every search engine is, you see that fads, gimmicks and tricks cannot last. The truth is, Google, Yahoo or MSN, does not want one site to be plastered all over their results.

You Have To Learn To "Think"
Like A Search Engine

What do they really want?

They want searchers to find what they are looking for!

That is it. Makes sense, right?

So the key is to just give them what they want. And I will show you exactly how to do it.

Why should you listen to me?

I've been around the block. The fact is, I've been marketing products on the Internet for over 6 years. I have sold millions of dollars of software to marketers all over the world.

And you know what? I did not get where I am without understanding a little bit of SEO.

I had to learn the ropes the hard way. I constantly tested new ideas. I dug into competitors sites to see why they were listed above my own.

I hung out in SEO forums all over the net picking up bits and pieces here and there.

And then I make changes and monitor the results.

This was slow and sometimes frustrating work.
Search engines do not move near as fast as we would
like them to when we're testing SEO changes.

But through it all, I believe I have developed a system
of what works and what does not. And my sites are
living proof of that.

When I Launch a Site Now, I Know With 100% Confidence That It Will Soon Rank High In The Search Engines

And you will develop the same confidence with the knowledge contained inside SEO Mindset.

All of my sites rank very well for the keywords I want them to rank for. And my sales are great because of these results. There is a simple formula I talk about in SEO Mindset:

Targeted Traffic + Conversion = Money

The SEO Mindset will cover the Targeted Traffic for you and because it IS targeted, will help with the Conversion as well. When you get those 2 factors working for you, the end result HAS to be money in your pocket.

So, can I walk the talk? You bet I can.

“Talk Is Cheap, Brad... Let's See Some Proof!” You got it.

My software, SEO Elite, has the number one listing in Google for the keyword phrase "SEO software". I am competing with over 6 million other sites. And I have had it for a long time.

This is a very competitive phrase. And I can tell you personally that it is a very valuable phrase.

Even better...

“Brad, Does It Work With Yahoo Too?”

You bet it does. Here is the same keyword phrase on Yahoo.

And I'm doing this with all my products. Here is a listing for my software, Keyword Elite. I own the #1 spot for the keyword phrase "Keyword software" on yahoo.

I am competing with 207 MILLION other sites!

What you should understand is this...

I did not get these valuable search engine results using any tricks, fads or gimmicks. I got them by developing an SEO Mindset and implementing the exact techniques I am about to show you.

“What is an SEO Mindset, Brad?”

It is simply thinking about SEO like a search engine. And then devising a realistic plan based on sound principals. This is what I teach in the SEO Mindset.

The SEO Mindset has 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify your audience, competition and plan your attack.

  2. Implement the SEO changes necessary to blast your search engine results to the front page and perhaps the number one slot.

  3. Constantly track, tweak and adjust to not only maintain your position but fortify it as well as increase it.

I teach you how to easily develop an SEO Master Plan that will serve you well for years to come. And when "Google Slaps" happen, you move UP while others move down.

You can kick back and smile while everyone else panics. I've seen it in the forums. I have heard them in person. Follow my plan and you will secretly HOPE for Google changes rather than fear them.

But that's not all.

“You Get 127 Pages, Crammed Full of Priceless SEO Knowledge”

You are tapping into my brain and draining every ounce of SEO knowledge right into yours. I am not holding anything back. I have a reputation for delivering the highest quality goods and I am not about to screw that up.

It is like a Vulcan mind meld!

It's just like you are there, a fly on the wall, "spying" on me as I show you how I plan, research, optimize and track the SEO for every one of my own, multi-million dollar sites!

It's truly a unique opportunity. You get a chance to "peek inside the mind" of a successful marketer to glean and swipe the secrets of how I consistently land and keep my sites ranked high in all the search engines.

I give it all to you on a silver platter.

You discover, step by step, exactly what to do to march your sites right up the search engine results. And then, you get the kind of sales and profits you've always dreamed of.

And you will sleep like a baby because you have built your success on sound principals, not fads and gimmicks.

“How Would You Like a Look Inside?”

  Here is the table of contents:
Chapter 1: The SEO Mindset
Chapter 2: Understanding Search Engines
Chapter 3: Search Engine Ranking Factors
Chapter 4: Your SEO Master Plan
Chapter 5: Setting Goals
Chapter 6: Keyword Research
Chapter 7: Competitive Analysis
Chapter 8: Keywords & Site Content
Chapter 9: On-Page SEO
Chapter 10: Site Architecture
Chapter 11: Link-Building Basics
Chapter 12: Site Launch Links
Chapter 13: Link Sources
Chapter 14: Finking Potential Link Partners
Chapter 15: Link Valuation
Chapter 16: Link Worthy Content
Chapter 17: Campaign Tracking
Chapter 18: Closing
  • How to customize your SEO strategy for maximum effectiveness. Despite what some people say, every site must take a custom approach and I tell you exactly how to do it. (Page 10)

  • Use the 80-20 Rule (Pareto Principal) to get the most bang for your buck with 1 small change that has a huge impact on your search rankings. And the 5 minute directory submission that is more powerful than submitting to 100 other directories. (Page 13)
  • The ONE true way to get indexed as fast as possible and boost your rankings at the same time (Page 17)

  • The key insight for your Title Tag... I've never seen this talked about anywhere else. It can have an amazing effect on your sales if done correctly! (Page 20)

  • Does the Google "Sandbox" really exist? Finally, you get this question answered AND you learn exactly what it means to you and your site. (Page 21)

  • The 3 key factors Google uses to establish your page ranking and the specific type of anchor text Google expects to see to really boost your site up. (Page 22)

  • And much, much more. In fact, you haven't even reached chapter 3 yet

“It Sounds Great, Brad. What About Ranking Factors?”

There are 3 main types of ranking factors that search engines use to determine your search results placement. The 3 types are:

On-Page Ranking Factors

These are things like your page Title Tags and Meta Tags. A lot of SEOs think these are not as important as they used to be or that they do not even matter at all. They couldn't be more wrong as you will see when you read about on-page ranking factors.

Other on-page ranking factors are your keyword usage and density. The SEO Mindset will guide you right along this critical section. This is like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Your keyword usage has to be just right. Too much or not enough and it will cost you dearly.

Site-Based Or Off-Page Ranking Factors

The second type of ranking factors are site-based. These factors establish a "baseline" that will determine how well individual pages on your site can rank.

These have a considerable impact on what sort of rankings your web pages can achieve individually. There are 4 primary Site-based ranking factors:

Link Popularity - Each link to your site is a vote, but the vote may be good or bad. You will learn how to quickly determine which links you want and disregard the rest.
Topical Authority - This factor says, "Who is linking to you and who do they link to?" Depending on the answer, your topical authority goes up or down and so does your search position.
Site Architecture - How is your site laid out and broken up into pages? You will know just what the search engines want to rank your pages higher.
Trust - Discover what is meant by this term... How do you get Google to "trust" your site and reward it for being trustworthy?

Believe it or not, this is still chapter 3!

When I tell you this book is jammed full of years of detailed SEO knowledge, you are starting to see that I'm not kidding, right?

In fact, I know you may have seen enough of The SEO Mindset to already know you should have it. If you are ready to get all this knowledge right now, knowing that I fully guarantee your complete satisfaction, just click the order button below.

“Tell Me More About What Is Inside!”

But there's even more still.

There is actually so much content it is hard to describe it all here. The bottom line is you get EVERYTHING you need... you learn EVERYTHING you must know... and you hear every secret I have ever discovered. And when you put it all together, you become an SEO dominating master.

You will know exactly what you need to do, how and when to do it. Your sites will be all over the top of Google, Yahoo, MSN and more. And it will be for the keywords you have researched and targeted. And that means more traffic. Remember the formula?

Targeted Traffic + Conversion = Money

Your sites will begin making more money because they will finally be getting the targeted traffic you have sought for a long time. And more targeted traffic means more sales. Let's dig a little deeper into the SEO Mindset, ok?

Here's a Partial List of What You Will Discover...

With your copy of the the SEO Mindset, you will discover:

- What Co-Citation is and why you should even care about it.. (Page 35)
- The 4 Phases of Your SEO Master Plan and how to implement each phase (Page 37-38)
- The 4 questions you must ask to determine if your existing site can be saved (Page 43)
- My 2-Step keyword list building system to create a profitable and targeted list. And, the 7 resources you use to do this right. Nobody knows all 7... (Page 45-46)
- The 3 levels used to evaluate keywords — What? Did you think there was only 1 way to evaluate a keyword? (Page 56)
- 3 "PhD level" Google search tricks you can use to drill deep and find your REAL competition (Page 57)
- What Brand, HR+HS and HR+LC keywords are and why you must find each type to make the most money. (Page 61)
- My patented "Competitor Ranking System" which assigns specific point values to your competition for numerous factors. It makes evaluating competition a no-brainer. (Page 65)

And a lot more. Would you believe at this point, you still wouldn't be half way done with this massive SEO behemoth?

Ready to dive in? Click here if you are ready to order now.

In fact, there's much more than I have room to go into, here. But to give you a glimpse, here's a few last juicy details..

Here's A Few More Details You Get Only In SEO Mindset

Within your copy of the the SEO Mindset , you find:

- The 4 Most Important On-Page SEO Factors and how to tweak each one for maximum effect (Page 75)
- SEO Copywriting 101 in 5 simple steps. It's much easier than you have been led to believe (Page 80)
- The 1 correct way to use internal links so that the search engines gobble them up like candy (Page 85)
- Everything you ever wanted to know about Page Rank but were afraid to ask. Yes, despite what you have heard, it does matter (Page 89)
- The 7 primary factors search engines use to evaluate links if you do not know about all 7 of these you are leaving ranking power on the table (Page 90)
- Site-Launch Links — The indispensable 2 link types you MUST have at launch (Page 94)
- The 10 "Most Trusted" directories you should get links from and everything you need to know to get them (Page 95)
- My "Blue Light Special" — When you have to make every penny count, this special will get you started with some great links for almost no out of pocket expense. (Page 96)
- 7 Highly Trusted Sites — Get links from these guys and watch your rankings shoot towards the moon (Page 97)
- 14 Community Based Sites — Every one of these is an excellent place to get links. (Page 104)
- 15 Social Media Marketing Sites — And I have ranked them based on my extensive experience with each so you know who to target first (Page 110)
- 2 Free Backlink Analysis Resources — These tools make it easy to quickly find and determine the quality of your competitor's backlinks. And that means you are one step away from making them YOUR backlinks! (Page 113)
- How to get Local Search Links — This is a MUST if you run a local business. Use these to dominate your local market in a snap (Page 115)
- 3 Critical Factors You Must Monitor to tweak and hone your SEO campaign as you claw your way to the top of the rankings. (Page 124-125)
- And too much more to list here...

I'm totally confident that your SEO Mindset is going to be your number one SEO source for maximizing search results for every website you create. There just is not anything else out there that can touch it. In fact...

Here's How to Get Your Mind In An SEO Mindset Today!

The knowledge I have packed in the SEO Mindset is hard to even calculate a value for. I have literally spent thousands of hours learning this stuff and refining it into the easy to use system it is today. And if I told you what an hour of my time is worth, you might not believe me.

If fact, I cannot even think of it like that because I would have to ask for an unreasonable investment from you. The way I'm looking at it is this... I'm tired of the fads and gimmicks being sold and misleading so many people.

I want you to build a solid business on a firm foundation, not on quick sand. And not on a rug that Google can pull out from under you just when you start making good money.

So for a limited time, I'm making you a very special offer I'm positive you can't refuse. Right now, your low investment for my one-of-a-kind SEO Mindset is just $97. You spend more than that on an anniversary dinner with your spouse — And the results you get from SEO Mindset will allow you expensive dinners every night if you want!

I am sure you agree that this is one of the best bargains going. You are getting every bit of SEO marketing knowledge from a true expert that makes his living doing it, not talking about it.

But here's something more important.

What you really need to consider is what you're getting for your money, because it's more than just the knowledge.

You get what the knowledge can do for you and your business. Not just tomorrow but for years from now. If you increased your search engine placement just enough to make a few extra sales a month, what would that be worth to you over the course of a few years?

Are you starting to see what I'm talking about?

You get all of this invaluable knowledge, tools and resources for a measly $97. It really is a pittance compared to the immense value you get for your investment! (I urge you to commit today before the price goes up.) Click here to lock in the $97 investment now.

Now, if you're still skeptical, remember that...

Your Investment Is Fully Backed By My ...

It Is Time To Get The SEO Mindset & Start
Reaping the Rewards!

Now I've shown you a no-risk way to blast the search engine placement of every website you own in your business... and rake in more profit with the higher results... the next move is up to YOU.

Obviously, if you've come this far, you know that you have a strong interest in boosting the search results of your sites. All that's left is to take the first step to do it. If you want to...

  • Stop running your business on fads and gimmicks and start running it on time-proven concepts

  • Start enjoying a more profitable and stable business that comes from the proper mindset

  • And stop worrying that the next Google slap will send you back to the trailer park

Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this limited, risk-free offer right now before it's too late. Every second that passes is one more second it takes to start climbing the search engines.

Today, gimmicks and fads just won't cut it. You need more. You need a potent combination of powerful advice, proven strategies, and specific, step-by-step instructions.

That way, you get your business on track to higher search engine placement, increased sales, and a lot more profits ASAP!

The SEO Mindset is the only source with this kind of comprehensive information on search engine optimization. You won't find anything like it elsewhere. Not in any e-book, website or course.

So go ahead and order right away. Won't you?

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Sign me up ASAP, Brad! I'm both ready and eager to fly up the search engine results pages so I can increase my sales and boost my conversion rate with targeted traffic! I realize that the SEO Mindset™ is the best source on the Internet for SEO advice.

I understand that:

  • Once my investment is successfully processed, you will send me instructions to instantly download my own copy of the SEO Mindset

  • My investment is only a one-time expense of $97 for years of expert SEO knowdlege.

  • My Investment is 100% guaranteed. If I'm not satisfied within the first 8 weeks, I can ask for a complete refund on my investment.

Click here to order today for only $97

Order online safely and securely. All major credit cards and
online checking are accepted.


To your new mindset,

Brad Callen,
Bryxen Software, Inc.

PS: Stop Using Gimmicks and Fads and start building a business that is immune to Google slaps. Get inside my head, steal my years of SEO experience to rocket your sites up the search engine results pages. And then enjoy the targeted traffic and increased profits you get from these results. Click to get an SEO Mindset Today!

PPS: I am taking all the risk so you have got nothing to lose.
If you do not know of my reputation for over-delivery on everything I sell... If you are unfamiliar with my multiple, multi-million dollar websites... it does not matter because no matter what, your investment is guaranteed for a full 90 days. That gives you all the time in the world to check out SEO Mindset and see for yourself.
Click to get your copy of SEO Mindset Now.

PPPS: I may raise the price or even close this offer without notice. Why? Because you really are getting a HUGE value for a ridiculous investment of $97. And I have opened a vein and given you everything I know about SEO. I may actually regret that and choose to close this offer at any time. The safest course of action for you to take is to jump all over this offer right now so there is no way you get locked out. Click to get your copy of SEO Mindset.



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